If you are looking to lower costs and consolidate your networks, incorporating the ability to handle voice, video, and data traffic over the same connection may be the answer and it’s easier than you think.

At Spectrum we can tailor a solution to enhance your existing infrastructure and migrate you to SIP now.


The switch to SIP trunking is surprisingly easy.

No new lines required. SIP trunks can use your existing broadband connection or can run over a dedicated voice circuit with attached service level agreements.

No new PBX hardware. Your VoIP supplier should be able to modify your existing PBX system to make use of SIP trunks. If your PBX is over five years old you may need a session border controller (SBC) fitted.

Enabling any-to-any connectivity between analogue, digital and SIP devices.

Think of a Session Border Controller as a translator, seamlessly interpreting different languages and passing through the conversation between two different participants. Installing a Session Border Controller to your legacy equipment makes it easier and cheaper to move to SIP trunking without the need to invest in a new PBX.

Including the precise elements to optimise your network.

Our SBC policy and management solutions allow a seamless migration to SIP by providing you with the ability to:

  • Secure the Network
  • Consolidate Policy Management
  • Increase Network Reliability & Resiliency
  • Migrate Existing Analog & TDM devices
  • Enable UC
  • Reduce Costs
  • Scale

Spectrum Telecoms take the risk out of  SIP migration.

When you choose Spectrum to realise the benefits of SIP for your business, you’re choosing a team of expert technical specialists who are committed to ensuring that the migration process is entirely transparent and has no negative impact on the running of your business.

What next?

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To find out more about SIP trunking check out our SIP page

SIP Trunking

To read how Forsters LLP enhanced their existing infrastructure by incorporating SIP trunking, read our case study.

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