What is a Connectivity Health Check?

Telecoms can be a complex challenge for organisations which don’t have the in-house knowledge and expertise to ensure they have the right systems and infrastructure in place.

A Connectivity Health Check is a thorough, in-depth review of your entire telecoms infrastructure, from hardware, software and applications through to users, contracts and locations, providing a better understanding of where your network is performing well, where improvements are needed and where savings can be made to improve overall efficiency across your whole organisation.

Align your telecoms with your business goals

Hidden costs and inefficient services can be clearly identified by carrying out an in-depth Health-Check of your current telecoms infrastructure, assets and contracts and benchmarking this against your business objectives. From this we can give you a fuller understanding of which elements are under-performing, slowing your organisation down and costing you money.

Future-proof your network

Technology changes all the time and new innovations are coming to market on a regular basis. A Connectivity Health Check will not only help you to identify any weak links within your existing technology, but also recommend new solutions to ensure your system is taking advantage of the latest developments and is always streamlined, so you can plan with confidence.

Enhance your existing technology

As well as identifying where new technology or equipment is required, a Connectivity Health Check will also look at your existing technology to ensure it is fully optimised to help you get the most out of your network.

Consolidate your telecoms and remain competitive

Maintaining effective communications is key to remaining competitive. A Connectivity Health Check will help to identify and deliver cost savings by consolidating your voice, data and mobile services. This will help to increase profitability and streamline both internal and external communications, ensuring your business is completely future-proofed against ever-changing technology.

Increase flexibility

A Connectivity Health Check will identify improvements that will enable your business to work efficiently and flexibly. It will help us to ensure you have the systems and technologies in place enabling your employees to work at different hours and in different locations with secure, seamless connectivity, ensuring they’re able to work to full productivity wherever they may be.

How Spectrum can help you be better, always

A Connectivity Health Check from Spectrum will provide a complete view of your organisation’s telecoms needs, along with impartial advice on the latest technologies and their application, to help your business be better. 

What our clients say

"We have worked with Spectrum for a number of years and have always been pleased by the inventive and thorough approach taken to the challenges we present" - The Pioneer Group.

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