Dear Friends…

Spectrum Telecoms are keen to support a foundation extremely close to our hearts. We would like to extend this opportunity to all our friends and colleagues as well, we're so passionate about Cancer Research UK so please join us and help us make a difference.

Thanks to supporters like you, Ground-breaking research goes into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer which has helped to save millions of lives. On average there are over 350,000 cases in the UK each year with a 50% survival rate.

Cancer Research UK is committed to supporting all those affected, from the patients themselves to their families and loved ones. We would love to raise money in aid of all the wonderful research, support and guidance they provide, but we really need your help to do this.

Spectrum is part of the IT and Telecoms industry so we've found a very smart way to donate (non monetary) 


Our Approach

ERL Corporate Recycling is in the business of recycling mobile phones and tablets. Their service involves collecting old mobile phones or tablets (any condition), wiping all data from the device and then placing a value on each item. They then provide a total figure which is forwarded on to a charity of our choice.

We are asking each and every one of you to please take the time to ask friends, family and colleagues to check through their drawers at home and work for any old phones or tablets. They may just be collecting dust so why not send them in so we can make a contribution to a fantastic cause.

Together we can make a huge difference the future of Cancer Research and all those affected.

We can make arrangements to recycle your old devices. Please contact your Account Manager or give us a call on 0844 856 3301