Ensure downtime does not disrupt your daily activities

As IT leaders we are all challenged with enabling people to work and communicate as normal, no matter what the circumstances.

The cost of a breakdown in communications can be huge and the impact on lost sales and damaged customer confidence can be disastrous. In this fiercely-competitive business world, losing critical communications links is not an option.

With the increasing unpredictability of civil unrest, weather and other natural disasters, it’s a growing challenge for businesses to enable people to work and communicate in increasingly diverse methods when they’re prevented from getting to an office.

Therefore, it's vital to have a full business continuity solution for all your core business applications and telecommunications.

Moving towards home working and mobile unified communications allow businesses to extend out their core communications and applications.

Flexible licensing solutions can also allow businesses to cost effectively invoke additional services on a pay-as-you-use basis.

Up until now, the cost of standby connectivity has been prohibitive for many companies.

Advances in IP telephony, hosted solutions and the availability of cost-effective converged data services as part of a mobile solution means Spectrum can ensure it’s business as usual, even in the event of a disaster.

At Spectrum, we have a wide range of business continuity solutions to suit all types of organisations.

Our telephony business continuity solution offers full DDI recovery for ISDN-based services that is managed using a simple web-based form.

Alternatively, re-routable non-geographic numbers and intelligent IP systems with fail-over technology automatically forward your calls to a business continuity site.

We work with each customer to analyse their current infrastructure, risks and requirements to identify the optimum solution for their business.

Review your telecoms continuity strategy with Spectrum today.

Keys to telecoms continuity

Flexibility and diversity

Protect your business from local environmental conditions by incorporating cloud, hybrid cloud and SIP services.



Simple management

Administrators can make immediate changes to the way in which calls are handled, switch resources and monitor activity.



Minimal disruption

Ensure that calls are always answered and maintain business as usual, no matter what circumstances are impacting your business



Remotely executable

Employees can access their phone and data services from anywhere, on any device. Your customers will never know.



Whatever your situation, we can help you keep working & avoid disaster.

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