Protect and secure your fixed and mobile calls and messaging

Your fixed and mobile calls and messages are vulnerable to attack.

Many businesses trust the safety and security of making calls and sending and receiving texts and messages.

Yet there are many vulnerabilities in fixed and mobile networks that put your business' confidentiality and data at risk.

The rapid rise in mobile device adoption offers employees the flexibility to conduct business outside the confines of the workplace.

However supporting today’s mobile work force can have serious cost implications as well as security and management headaches.

Understanding and preventing these risks is critical to protecting your business, your employees and your customers.

Spectrum can enable secure, encrypted phone and conference calls and messaging for mobile and desktop.

You can send secure messages between smartphones, PCs and Macs while ensuring the privacy of your conversations. You can share photos, videos, voice clips and file attachments.

Group messaging for collaboration and file sharing can be defined locally by the user or centrally by your business with total security and control. Our solutions enable calls to be made over any network.

We utilise delivery of encrypted realtime voice and data content between mobile devices and across mobile and wireless networks.

The provide strong and authenticated, end-to-end encryption, as a complete solution for securing your mobile and voice communications.