With many of us adapting to the new normal as a result of Covid-19, an increased number of social distancing measures could result in many customers using digital platforms to explore menu options, order food and drinks as well as paying via an app.

Below are the reasons why you need to be on your A-Game with your connectivity, especially if you are in a B2C marketplace!


Reliable Wi-Fi maintains performance even with increased users on your network

As pubs and bars begin to reopen for indoor and outdoor purposes, guests may start accessing your network for a variety of reasons, from working to placing orders. If the demand is too high which may be relevant when it comes to events and increased capacities, this could result in network congestion, taking impact on the speed and quality of service you are able to provide. By having a strong connectivity infrastructure, this minimises the risk of downtime, ensuring your visitors have access to your Wi-Fi, always.


Focus on the bigger picture and let your connectivity boost your productivity!

As well as guest Wi-Fi, connectivity is a vital element for communication internally with the use of POS systems and other devices. With poor Wi-Fi management this could lead to unresponsiveness with ordering platforms, resulting in drops in productivity. Having strong connectivity allows you to ensure customer interactions remain fluid and seamless through looking at reservations and their requirements so you can maintain and enhance your customer service!


Secure and solid Wi-Fi networks drive consumerism (hotels, coffee shops, bars)

With coffee shops and hotel bars being amongst the top places to work remotely, your Wi-Fi will go hand in hand with your visitor experience, especially those who use technology for platforms such as Microsoft teams and google drive. With 80% of businesspeople in the UK visiting coffee shops on a weekly basis (https://www.britishcoffeeassociation.org), a secure, solid connection can be vital for productivity purposes, which is a major factor of working from such spaces.

Providing added security measures such as username and password portals can give your customers a sense of safety whilst on your network, which in turn may boost your repeat visits especially if you hire out meeting and events rooms!


Connects users in both outdoor and indoor locations through access points

Instead of leaving your visitors frustrated with the lack of connectivity, remotely managed wireless access points can be installed to increase your coverage and reach, no matter if they are outside in your beer gardens or inside. With the Euros just around the corner, guests will look for digital platforms to share, view and keep on top of the latest updates and scores. Therefore, by ensuring your connectivity is robust, resilient and reliable, customers should freely be able to access your Wi-Fi and experience no issues when browsing online!

The requirement for better and more adaptable networks has grown significantly over the past troubling year. Are you in need of an upgrade? Contact the Spectrum Team today and see how we  can help you be better!

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