Spectrum has been working with Birmingham-based housing and community support services provider the Pioneer Group for several years, helping it to save money and achieve greater efficiencies through the deployment of innovative connectivity solutions.
Comprising three businesses – Castle Vale Community Housing, Compass Support and Stockland Green Opportunity Housing and Training – the group manages more than 2,400 properties across its social rented portfolio, as well as services which aim to support its tenants, residents and partner organisations.
It provides the central services of HR, Finance, ICT, Executive Support and Business Transformation to group members. It also delivers strategic asset management services.
Over the next seven years, the group has prudent but ambitious growth targets, with an overall aim of adding a further 350 managed properties to its portfolio by 2025.


  • 35 single lines across eight sub-sites, with call handling across all lines
  • 30 SIP Channels with an SBC
  • Leased line
  • 101 mobile connections
  • Several internet connections, including fibre


  • Enhanced connectivity and voice routing options
  • Access to the latest technology
  • Real-time control of data usage
  • Enhanced network security
  • Cost saving though rationalisation

The Challenge

Spectrum was originally appointed by the Pioneer Group to assess and streamline its telephony.

It was receiving around 20 different phone bills every month, across various lines, and there was no clarity over which lines were active, which were inactive and what each line was used for.

Inconsistency across accounts was an issue as over the years, it had taken out different packages with different costs and it was difficult to determine if it was getting the best value for money.

Spectrum's Approach

As a starting point, a full account audit was undertaken to identify and cancel all the inactive lines and bring all the active lines into a single provision.

All the active lines were renamed and labelled so they could be easily identified, before a more cost-effective tariff was applied to all the calls and lines, saving the Pioneer Group money.

Phase two of the contract was to review the group’s connectivity, with a view to improving it with leased lines and incorporating SIP by installing an SBC to enable it to continue to use its existing phone system.

The Pioneer Group also operates a fleet of mobiles and needed a smartphone solution to enable its end users to take photos of properties to improve efficiency in handling issues.

We audited the account, provided a more cost-effective network and managed the implementation of the new package, which included the ability for users to access their own bills and flag personal and work calls.

The Results

We delivered an easily-managed, resilient, feature-rich, highly-scalable and futureproofed telephony platform which is adaptable to suit the growing needs and capabilities of the Pioneer Group.

We also provided a flexible mobile telephony solution which gives users on the ground the tools they need to manage their properties and swiftly address any issues or concerns that their supported tenants may have, as well as providing a high level of customer service.

Consolidation has led to increased flexibility and cost savings for the delivery of network services using Spectrum SIP products.
Employees now have access to a wide range of communication tools, which offer greater flexibility in call handling, interaction and internal team working.
These considerable benefits were combined with the design, procurement and complete lifecycle delivery offered by Spectrum.


“We have worked with Spectrum for a number of years and have always been pleased by the inventive and thorough approach it takes to the challenges we present.

Initially, we needed to simplify our telephony system across multiple sites to ensure it was fit for purpose, removed any unnecessary lines and delivered the best value for money.

Mobile technology is also a key part of what we do to enable our support workers to respond to issues swiftly and efficiently and provide a high level of service and the solution Spectrum specified enables them to do just that.

Spectrum understands our business and our requirements and is able to draw on a vast amount of experience, knowledge and expertise to ensure we have the right solutions in place and always have access to the latest technologies.

We like this partnership approach as it means our solutions constantly evolve as our business changes and grows.”

Mohammed Sarfraz

IT Network Administrator, The Pioneer Group


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