The smarter way to manage your vehicles

All new Auto-Mate is everything you need to manage your vehicle fleet. However big or small the Auto-Mate will save you time, stress and money. Its simple to set up and use; the device is compact and easily plugs into most vehicles. Once you’re set up you can simply log in to the app or online portal where you can view and analyse driving data, vehicle health and much more.   

Auto-Mate gives you the flexibility to manage your vehicle fleet on the go; With just one click of a button, you can keep on top of simple things like MOT, service and tax renewal dates and you can monitor the routes taken and vehicle location for peace of mind that everything is running like clockwork.  


 Key Features

      • Technical Support Available 24/7
      • Increased productivity An enhanced view of your fleet means you can plan ahead more efficiently.
      • Lower costs Faults flagged up early and automated reminders ensure you'll never miss an MOT/Service.
      • Peace of mind You'll be notified if a vehicle moves unexpectedly.
      • Improved logistics With completely transparent data you can keep customers up-to-date providing an enhanced customer experience.
      • Efficiency and timekeeping Improved vehicle management enables better timekeeping and efficiency.
      • Remote device management Provide colleagues support from any location





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Key benefits that make Auto Mate your ideal choice


Increased productivity

An overall view of your fleet lets you plan routes more effectively. Maximise fuel and resource efficiency by allocating jobs to the nearest driver.


Peace of mind

Stop worrying about your fleet. If a vehicle moves unexpectedly, you’ll be sent a suspicious activity alert straight to your mobile, straight away.

Drive costs down

Auto Mate keeps a constant watch on vehicle performance to flag faults early and keep overheads down. Automated reminders mean you’ll never miss an MOT/Service. 

Encourage better driving

Driver scoring can improve efficiency and timekeeping. This will help to keep your customers happy, lower wear and tear of your vehicles, and also minimise fuel costs.

Great value packages available

Whether you have one vehicle, or a fleet of hundreds, Auto Mate is the easiest way to manage your vehicles. It’s available in two great-value packages:

24-month deal – £11 per month – £49 up-front

12-month deal* – no monthly fee – £190 up-front
(*extend your contract for a further 12 months for an extra £141)

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