Reliable business lines and calls

Despite huge advances in digital and wireless technology, many organisations still rely on analogue phone lines to do business.

Analogue systems have supported businesses for decades. They are still used for voice traffic, ADSL connections and plenty of other services, such as alarm monitoring and PDQ machines.

They are, usually, inexpensive to install and maintain. Line rentals are relatively cheap. They can carry out basic functions such as hold, mute, redial, and speed dial. They may also be able to transfer calls between extensions.

Yet, despite their limited capabilities compared to cloud-based systems, there are many ways to merge analogue and digital devices, which means you can have the best of both worlds.

Why Spectrum?

We install business-quality lines as standard. This enables us to provide a higher level of service than for a residential-quality line. 
We work with only the top level networks to ensure that call quality is always crystal clear.
We can provide a bespoke system matched to your exact needs. From installing a single analogue line for fax or alarm monitoring, to managing large ISDN30e with several bearers and thousands of DDIs.
We resolve any network faults within guaranteed SLAs, giving you peace of mind.
And we monitor your account continuously, to identify potential cost savings and to make sure there is no unusual, or fraudulent, usage.