CM2000 provide award-winning hosted electronic monitoring, scheduling and financial management solutions bring significant cashable savings and efficiencies as well as increased quality and safeguarding to the domiciliary care sector.

Today CM2000 works in partnership with 96 Local Authorities and over 1000 care Providers across the UK.


  • Migration of telecoms services over to Spectrum.
  • Full access to SpecBill, our web-based management & reporting tool.
  • Weekly bulletins and alerts emailed out pro-actively to decision makers.


  • Full visibility & control of telecoms expenditure.
  • Tackled inappropriate phone usage.
  • Complete control over number 0800 number termination
  • Day-to-day intelligence enabling strategic decision making.

The Challenge

CM2000 takes control of their telecoms spend very seriously. For them, it is not enough to simply receive a top line invoice every month or quarter. They need as much detail as possible.

Keeping spend within budget, and monitoring cost patterns in a growing telecoms infrastructure is not easy. When combined with a remit that includes the provision of business intelligence and cost allocation for over 3 million calls per month it’s clear that a specialist solution is required.

Chief Technical Officer Chris Jackson is responsible for managing CM2000’s telecoms. Chris was looking for a solution that would be able to provide a single bill for all his telecoms spend and yet enable cost centre allocation and detailed up to the minute analysis across his enterprise.

Chris also needed to be able to adopt a more strategic approach and analyse historical data to ensure any trends were in line with business development plans.

Spectrum's Approach

CM2000’s requirements are more than matched by Spectrum’s unique web-based management reporting and online billing tool, SpecBill. Portal. SpecBill presents CM2000 with in-depth information about their landline and non-geographic numbers.

Using SpecBill Chris can see details of all Spectrum services; across all sites. He can export SpecBill data straight into Excel, where he can manipulate the data to meet his individual reporting needs and analyse costs. “If there is variance in the bottom line I can look at the online reports. I can use this data to make searches and do spot checks. I now rarely look at the paper bill.”.

Spectrum recently introduced a bespoke tool which allows Chris to receive a weekly bulletin direct to his email. Against each of their Non-
Geographic numbers, Chris can now see details such as the number of incoming calls, number/percentage of calls answered, the length of time it took to answer each call, and the times of day that the numbers were being used by callers.

This gives Chris plenty of options for planning staffing and arranging training, ensuring that the service he provides for his customers is top-notch.

The Results

CM2000 can now keep a tight rein on telecoms expenditure, and effectively manage the business’ telecoms infrastructure.

SpecBill reports and alerts have enabled CM2000 to tackle inappropriate phone usage. Chris explained, “We were losing considerable monthly revenue because of contractors calling friends and relatives overseas. SpecBill highlighted this, and when I applied alerts I was able to identify these calls as they happened.”

In addition to this, CM2000 now have complete control over their own 0800 numbers through the easy to use online portal, they can change terminating numbers in seconds, switching them to other lines or mobiles meaning as a 24/7 business, they can be prepared for all eventualities.

SpecBill gives clients like Chris the business intelligence required for both day-to-day tactical management, and ongoing strategic business decisions. It gives the user the right information at the touch of a button; precisely when they need it.

These considerable benefits were combined with the design, procurement and complete lifecycle delivery offered by Spectrum.

To find out more about how Spectrum Solutions can help your business call us on 0844 856 3301 to chat to one of our team today.


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