1. Easier collaboration through new software and regular updates

Due to the pandemic, businesses have expanded the variety of communications they use on the digital front. This has enabled collaboration worldwide, providing voice calling, screen sharing, video, and more for effective communication as an alternative to face to face.

This comes with the benefit of meeting your clients in the comfort of your office or home, driving down business expenses! With additional plugins available for video conferencing platforms, including Office 365, YouTube, and more, you can streamline and boost your productivity with enhanced collaboration!


  1. Easier to identify problem areas with your data utilisation and data misuse

Do you know if your employees are hitting their monthly targets? By monitoring your data effectively via digital transformation, enhanced reporting software can be implemented. With the use of dashboards, you can compare performance over time, in turn easily identifying areas of weakness within your team.

In addition, VoIP and SIP Trunking can be implemented to track how long your team are on calls whilst simultaneously monitoring call quality. What does this mean for your communication? You can not only pinpoint aspects for future meetings of where presentation skills via calls can be improved but also check your connectivity is continuously monitored for optimal performance.


  1. Enhanced relationship management between platforms

Like the additional features with video conferencing, cross-platform tools can provide your business the ability to merge a variety of tasks to benefit both your CRM and digital operations. This can include collaborative notetaking on an account to track activities associated with the person or company, developing and establishing a relationship or leads with increased effectivity.

Knowing where your progress is at can result in less confusion, boosting your professionality and confidence towards your clients and workforce alike. This creates a ‘single pane of glass’ effect, meaning your data is unified, which may not have been possible without digital transformation no matter the size of your business.


  1. Automation and management processes

Automation is the process of scheduling content and creating an action automatically, without the need of someone actioning the move. Examples of automation include scheduling an email or blog post for a future date, redirecting and more! This makes managing effective, ensuring copywriting can be  tweaked beforehand right to the expected date.

Additionally, employees will experience better ways of working as once automated, no time needs to be spent transferring the ownership of data or compiling information into areas (e.g., forwarding into selected mailboxes), making automation key for improvements in your digital operations.


How does Spectrum support you to work better digitally?

From packages including Office 365 to our CloudTalk VoIP solutions, our aim is to provide technology that keeps up to date no matter your industry to revolutionise the way you work. Including dedicated support and expert advice to aid your digital footprint, Spectrum is committed to transform your communications with ease. To see how our solutions compliment working digitally, get in touch with us today!

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