Spectrum Launches LANtern – Network Monitoring on a Whole New Level

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In a move that is sure to shake up the market, Spectrum has finally announced the launch of its new Network Monitoring Solution; LANtern.

Network downtime can be costly to any business. In fact, it’s one of the top four most expensive IT problems to solve. That’s why more and more businesses are turning to network monitoring solutions to help them optimize their network and be prepared for downtime.

CEO; Simon Holt is excited about the possibilities LANtern offers. “We’ve seen so many businesses struggle with network outages, we’re excited to offer a solution that is both affordable and easy to use. Our new network monitoring solution is set to take the market by storm,” said Holt. “It offers businesses unprecedented visibility and control over their networks, which is critical in today’s economy.”

In a bid to help other SME’s Spectrum has made LANtern affordable for all. “We want to help businesses of all sizes prevent downtime and optimize their network,” said Holt. Network monitoring doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. By providing an affordable and easy-to-use solution, Spectrum is helping to level the playing field for SME’s.

According to Garner “Downtime is extremely expensive, and in ways that can make or break the success of your organization.” LANtern offers businesses a comprehensive view of their entire network, allowing them to identify and fix issues before they cause real damage. Security was a key factor when designing LANtern. Most current solutions cannot guarantee security because their services are cloud-based. LANtern is a physical box that can be placed on-site and can deliver data securely.

It may be one of the most complex issues to detect and resolve but LANtern simplifies the whole fault-finding process giving businesses a headstart in fixing potential network catastrophe before it becomes a serious threat

Spectrum’s new solution is sure to be a game-changer in the network monitoring market, and businesses that are looking for a comprehensive solution should take a closer look at LANtern.

What do you think of our new Network Monitoring Solution? Let us know – Email Spectrum: info@spectrum-coms.co.uk. Be sure to follow us on Linkedin/Twitter/Facebook for more industry news and updates from Spectrum.

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