So, currently, we’re amid a global pandemic which means anyone who can work from home is working from home. If recent events have taught us anything at all it’s to prepare for the worst and one sure-fire way to do this is to ensure a flexible and fully remote workforce. This way in times of a crisis staff can still log on and continue working away from the office, meaning productivity is not affected.

There are many other reasons you should enable staff to work from home, Here are 5 game-changers that we picked out;

1. Employees are happier and more focused

There are fewer distractions in the office at home. Yes, all remote working organisations will be using some sort of instant messenger and video calling software to keep everyone connected, but colleagues are most likely to use this mainly for work purposes and less of the idle chat.

Remote workers who work from home also spend no time, energy or money on travel to and from work. This is great as your staff can get out of bed feeling refreshed and ready to go each day. They’ll also feel happier as they’ll get more time at home with loved ones rather than adding 1-2 hours travel time to each working day.

2. Healthier and again happier staff

Staff can dedicate more time to eating healthier, by managing their work schedules around break times and heating/cooking up quick and healthy meals. They’re also able to work around their families needs, allowing them to manage their workload to support their children and partners, granting them a true sense of achievement and fulfilment in all aspects of their daily lives and basically making them much happier overall. 

3. Effective meetings

Smart technologies allow staff to attend meetings virtually, making them more flexible and extremely effective. Not only can you choose your seat and enjoy a proper snack during meetings (Just make sure your mouth isn’t too close to the mic as you chew) but investing in video-conferencing and mobile technology can improve working relationships and morale across your whole organisation.

4. Save Money

This goes for employers and employees alike. Employees save the pounds on train/bus tickets or fuel costs and they’re also likely to conveniently prepare lunch at home rather than venture out to the local supermarket for a bite to eat. 

Employers have fewer chairs, work stations and office space to think about. Less electricity, wifi, overheads, the list goes on and eventually, the savings add up. 

5. Always ready for a crisis

There are many reasons employees are unable to make it into the office sometimes. Yes, a global pandemic is rare but, it’s happened! Other reasons include bad weather, a poorly child, awaiting an important delivery (boiler repairman for example) Life can sometimes just get in the way and good employers will understand this. If it’s just as easy to work remotely, none of the above can reduce productivity, because you’re always ready for the unexpected.

All businesses must expect the unexpected and be fully equipped in case of any crisis so that when the unexpected happens, its still business as usual.    

Business Continuity & Remote Workforce Solutions

Many organisations are already in the process of adopting remote workforce practices.

As our solutions support a completely remote workforce we can help ensure your business is sufficiently prepared for changes or developments in any emergency at any given time.

If you require assistance in setting up or supporting remote and home working communications please get in touch.

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