The SD-WAN vs. MPLS Discussion

Before SD-WAN we had Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) this was a protocol for highly adept network traffic flow between several locations. MPLS technology pre-defines routes for traffic by using packet labelling technology to ensure highly efficient passage for all types of traffic entering the network.

There are many benefits for using MPLS; better performance, scalability and improved end-user experience, just to name a few. But one huge disadvantage which could possibly outweigh its many advantages is cost. As companies expand into new markets they struggle to find an MPLS service provider who can deliver global coverage and those that can will offer this at a high price.

Precise Networking with Spectrum SD-WAN

Software Defined – Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) implement devices which apply rules and policies to send traffic along the best path. It is an overlay which can route any type of traffic, including MPLS. SD-WAN is not only cheaper than MPLS but offers easy navigation and full control of the WAN via a centralised cloud-based portal.

Benefits of SD-WAN over MPLS:

  • Cheaper than MPLS: simply use any internet access.
  • MPLS is slow to deploy and change – All changes need to be carefully managed by the MPLS provider.
  • Direct control: gain full control through the centralised cloud-based portal which delivers enhanced visibility, performance and control.
  • Short wait for provisioning and changes: expedite delivery with simple internet access and ZTP (zero-touch provisioning)
  • Secure connection: strong end-to-end encryption across the entire network. Possible to set up private connectivity in minutes rather than days; retaining the ability to prioritise traffic with proven QoS mechanism.
  • Eco-friendly: reduce carbon footprint with fewer devices at site and better use of resources
  • No geographic boundaries: global coverage – where there is internet, there can be One and Only SD-WAN
  • No bandwidth penalties: customers can upgrade easily by adding new links, with no changes necessary to the infrastructure or network
  • Bandwidth select: ability to cost-effectively mix and match network links according to content type or priority

Spectrum can provide agile enterprise-grade WAN connectivity which is quicker to deploy than traditional WAN technology. It is more cost effective than traditional WAN technology and provides connectivity into cloud providers. The best part is it’s not dependent on the carriers, so you can be agnostic on your network.

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