To remain a competitor in the fast-paced global market of today, maintaining effective communications is a must. Many businesses use numerous methods of communication – from email and telephone to online chat and social media – but managing all of these methods can be complicated and not all businesses are utilising them to their full potential.

Unified communications, or UC, is a solution to this.

It allows you to consolidate your phone system and online processes into one manageable platform, which in turn can increase the speed and reach of your business, making you more responsive, more agile, more flexible and more efficient.

You can access the platform from anywhere with an internet connection, giving you the freedom to work from any device at any time you choose.

But how else can your business benefit from unified communications?


One single infrastructure

Having one platform for all your communications makes management easy, giving you the time to focus on other, more important matters of business.

It also means that you have instant access to reports and information at the touch of a button, across a range of different devices.

Additionally, it provides you with a simple way to connect with every single employee. You’ll be able to see their current status, what device they’re using, where they’re working from and all options on how to contact them, from one place. This level of functionality makes collaboration easy and allows you the flexibility to manage off-site employees, no matter where they’re based for the day.

Better still, having one, easy-to-manage system can help to improve your response rates, so you can offer your clients a faster, more dedicated customer service that doesn’t leave them hanging.


Reduced costs

Paying for a number of separate products and services can be costly, especially if they don’t sync well and if each one needs regular maintenance at different times. With UC, you’ll have just one monthly cost and you pay only for what you use, which saves you money during quiet periods.

Further to this, if your UC solution works from the Cloud, then there’s no need to pay for installing and maintaining hardware, making it a worthwhile, long-term investment.


Lower carbon footprint

In this day and age, it’s important for businesses to be environmentally conscious, and unified communications can help with that. Giving employees a virtual platform and the freedom to work from home removes the need to travel, and as a result, can reduce your business’ carbon footprint.

Furthermore, you can dramatically save on energy bills too as you won’t have the need for excessive hardware draining your electricity.


Improved productivity

With streamlined communications comes an increase in productivity and efficiency. This is because UC enables you to communicate and collaborate from anywhere at any time, with faster response rates, more up-to-date project management and the ability to bridge the gap between scattered teams.

Thanks to real-time communications that will reach you immediately, both colleague and client interaction is drastically improved. In effect, this can increase decision making, enhance workflow, prompt faster sales and increase productivity off-site.


Better mobility

One of the biggest advantages of unified communications is the ability to work from anywhere, on any device, improving productivity.

Which is ideal if you’re a forward-thinking business, as research indicates that by 2022, 60% of employees will be working remotely, and those businesses who are already investing in it are seeing huge advantages both for employees and the business overall.



What UC offers is a way to stay ahead, with next generation technology and automatic software updates so your systems will never be outdated.

This will help to ensure that your business is future-proofed against further advancements in technology, which can help you improve your customers’ experience, while also putting you ahead of the competition by positioning you as a forward-thinking organisation that can roll with the times.


Spectrum Telecoms can provide your business with a flexible, streamlined UC system that is not only tailored to your exact needs, but can reduce the cost of your infrastructure ownership by up to 50%.

Our UC solution will allow you one number and one device for voice, video and instant messaging, making it easier than ever for you to manage your communications, your way.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of unified communications? Get in touch with one of our team members today.

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