Thanks to its ability to consolidate your phone systems and online processes into one easy-to-manage platform, Unified Communications (UC) can offer your business numerous benefits, from better mobility and reduced costs to an increase in staff productivity.


But perhaps the most significant benefit you can gain from UC is the impact it has on your customer service. With the power to break down all walls of communication, it can help your business become faster, more agile, more efficient and more responsive, leading to a satisfying customer service that can’t be beaten. Here’s how…



Unified Communications presents your business with a way to deal with customer queries fast and effectively. Customers will be able to contact your experts easily through a number of channels (phone call, email, online chat, etc.) and get a quick but conclusive answer.

This is because UC allows your employees to communicate and collaborate internally, with speedy responses. So, if a customer needs help regarding a particular area of the business, your employee will be able to call upon the closest available member of staff from the relevant department and add them to the conversation, all without the customer having to wait.

In addition, UC provides you with a comprehensive strategy to ensure that all customers are taken care of. For example, if a customer has a complaint or query, it will be flagged up immediately and can be actioned straight away. What’s more, it eliminates the chance of a team member missing the query altogether as it will be there on the system for all to see, leaving very little room for error.

Speedy responses such as this can be the difference between a happy customer and an unhappy one. After all, if a customer has a bad experience with customer service, you can kiss goodbye to any repeat business. But if an unhappy customer has been dealt with quickly, kindly and effectively, it might just be the reason they return.


Ease of use

UC makes it easier to stay in touch with customers and support their needs. Using a variety of sources, such as email, chat, phone calls and information portals, it offers a multi-channel service and complete transparency for customers interactions.

With a UC system, employees can view a customer’s entire history with the business, including every interaction they’ve had with you and every order they’ve made. Not only does this make it easy for both customers and employees to find the answers they need, but it also provides a dedicated small business feel, even if your business is large-scale.

Further to this, UC can help you connect with customers who are looking for something specific. Instead of spending a lengthy amount of time searching for what they want, those customers will be able to easily reach out to in-house experts who can guide them in the direction of the right product or service, and even offer suggestions of other products they might be interested in.


Clearer communication

UC features internal conferencing, which can give your customer service team access to experts who can help ensure that your customers receive the most valuable and up-to-date information.

UC also makes it possible to send emails as voice recordings, which eliminates the need to dial a number in order to retrieve a message. Innovative features such as these allow for communication with customers to be much clearer and more direct than it’s ever been before.


Availability and Efficiency

Thanks to UC, your customers are able to access your business any time, any place. This is particularly useful if your business operates globally. If an international customer needs to contact you, they can do so using whichever method they prefer. Your UC solution will then group these messages into one inbox (whether voicemail, email or otherwise), making it easy for you to respond to them quickly and efficiently.


Stronger customer relationships

As a result of UC, you’ll find your customer relationships may strengthen. No one likes to be a number on a long call-waiting list. If customers know that they can contact you anytime and get a fast, satisfactory response, it’s likely they’ll adopt a loyal attitude towards your company. And with more personal methods of contact, such as audio and video features, you can treat your customers as though you’re meeting with them face-to-face, while also reducing the costs of any travel that would usually come with that benefit.

Good customer service is the cornerstone of any business; one that can make or break you. When your customers interact with your company, they like to know what to expect. This means keeping your brand consistent, regardless of the channel.

Having access to a highly effective system that caters to your customers not only helps to enhance brand recognition but also helps to transform one-time customers into regulars, while positioning your business as a service that cares. And really, that’s all customers ever want.


If you want to know more about how Unified Communications can help improve your customer service, get in touch with us. We’re experts in all things UC and would love to assist you in finding the best solution for your business.

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