1. Enhanced call quality combined with video conferencing

Technological advancements have been speeding up at a rapid pace, with communication being at the forefront of this. VoIP gives your business the ability to both enhance call quality as well as providing an additional personal touch with video conferencing, establishing great customer relationships through digital platforms. What does this mean for you? For your employees, communication can be kept consistent no matter where they are working from with the ability to present anywhere, making your business more unified in terms of your connectivity.

  1. Easily scalable based on the size of your business

Take the hassle out of adding and removing users with VoIP, no matter the size of your company. As no new lines are needed if you are preparing for business expansion, this means you can adapt your telephony to the size of your workforce with ease through internet-based solutions. Additionally, if you are looking to move office spaces, having VoIP will benefit your transitioning process, which Spectrum will assist you with in terms of setting up.

  1. Simple transition from PBX to hosted telephony

When most businesses think about their projects in telecommunications, they imagine the shift from one communication platform to another to be complex and time consuming. Not only is the change simple but also VoIP provides an easier way of working for your employees, adopting all in one system for you to make your telephony as effective as possible.

  1. Get your business prepared for the PSTN switch off in 2025

With Openreach shutting down their PSTN lines in 2025, this will render old systems useless when it comes to making outbound or taking inbound calls. By using VoIP as an alternative or introducing the feature in your current telephony system, this will act as a safeguard for your communications, making you prepared for the changeover.

  1. Future proof your business

Like the PSTN switch off, you can ensure your business is prepared for any technological advancements by switching to internet-based solutions. With older technologies fading out of the telecommunications picture, your investment in VoIP systems assures that you will be using the modern standard of telephony for the foreseeable.

For more about VoIP, get in touch with us today. We’re always at hand to improve your understanding of solutions that can benefit you!

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