Holding many key benefits, many businesses are turning towards VoIP to take their communications to the next level.  

But what is VoIP and how does it work?  

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. But don’t let the acronym fool you, it’s a lot simpler than it sounds.  

Fundamentally, VoIP is a way of handling all your communication systems over the internet. It works by converting your voice into digital information, which is then sent over the internet like any other piece of data. Although it’s done over the internet, VoIP won’t change the way you use a phone. Just pick it up and dial exactly as normal.  

The main reason for the recent popularity of VoIP systems is the cost. Transmitting call data over the internet, VoIP provides a cost-effective way to communicate, making phone bills a thing of the past.  

As well as a low cost, VoIP provides a better communication system for your business. Offering better functionality and flexibility, VoIP can automatically route calls to your phone, no matter where you are. No longer limited to one phone, VoIP makes it possible to connect to your number from any device and location, bringing a new level of productivity to mobile working.  

VoIP makes the most of mobile working, helping to increase productivity
VoIP makes the most of mobile working, helping to increase productivity

Integrating with your existing systems, VoIP can also give your workers access to the data and recourses they need for more streamlined, productive and unified communications. Able to scale and grow with your business, VoIP could be the communications system you need to take your business to the next level.  

At Spectrum, we believe in creating solutions that challenge your business to be better. Always. That’s why we don’t just offer products – but build solutions that will help you achieve your goals.

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